I’m a self-taught photographer and have been making pictures since I was a youngster. My photographic interests and experiences are wide and varied. I enjoy the outdoors and creating images from that canvas of immense beauty. I also enjoy the candid nature of 'street photography' and capturing images from what I call the 'vernacular landscape'. 

I'm a self-taught ‘print maker’, too. I've dabbled in the darkroom when I started shooting with 35mm film. They say the more things "change" the more they remain the same. So here I am, back in the 'darkroom'  in the digital realms of Lightroom and Photoshop. I cut all my own mats and hit the thrift shop circuit for cool frames and other 'mounting' materials.

My work is on display at the Full Circle Arts Gallery in Hickory, NC and at the CatchLight Gallery in West Jefferson, NC, and on display in many private clients' homes in the Carolina's.  

I also play a few musical instruments (studied music in college after a stint in the Army), and I’m a singer-songwriter/commercial 'music-bed' composer. I've been a restaurant chef-owner; I've created documentary-film shorts and I do some film editing, with a few projects in my catalog.

I live in the Piedmont of SC with my wife, and a few n’er-do-well cats. I’m the dad of 5 terrific sons, all of whom make their way in the world with passion and a creative sensibility.

For more information about my services, scheduling and rates, please feel free to contact me through the "Contact" page on the website. I will be more than happy to talk with you about my work and how I might be of service to you for an upcoming project, an anniversary, a family gathering, group event or personal portraiture